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  • Refurbishment | Conversion
  • Potential- & Efficiency Assessments
  • Reporting- & Controlling-Tools
  • Asset Management
  • F&B Concepts
  • Turnaround
  • Implementation Support

In today‘s dynamic market, it is imperative to continually improve a hotel‘s market position regardless its brand. For existing hotels, questions worth asking include: are the number of rooms is still sufficient? Or is the property too big? Is the hotel still operating under the right brand? Where can we look for untapped potential? How can we tap it?

For example, the F&B division is oftentimes neglected in many hotels even though this area comprises quite a number of profit centers including costly back of house areas, such as kitchen, storage and spaces. F&B’s encompasses considerable earning potential. As one of the very few advisory firms on the market, the SELECT team specializes in making the hotel business legible for stakeholders outside of the industry. Besides establishing a high degree of transparency, the SELECT team develops tailor-made concepts that enables the hotel to generate additional cashflows, while creating attractive workplaces to draw the best teams, even when skilled human resources are scarce.

The SELECT team supports clients at an interdisciplinary level, providing bespoke guidance through the implementation process.